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New evaluation standard for purchasing a house (condominium)

Unlike other real estate portal sites, we show the value of a condominium for sale in numeric terms. As a basis for purchasing a condominium we offer this standard to tell from a glance if a property is cheap or expensive. OzTown is a ground-breaking real-estate portal site supporting you in finding the most affordable property possible by comparing the values of the ones being considered for purchase.

In addition, regardless of single-family homes, condominiums, or investment properties, new properties and second-hand properties in the Kanto area from 1K to large-scale 5LDK properties are updated daily. We post the latest information on properties easy to qualify for high-quality mortgages that are located within 15 minutes on foot to the nearest train station. You can check over 10,000 Japanese properties everyday in Oztown.

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