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Displays selling price evaluations of detached houses, condominiums, and investment real estate properties in the central Tokyo area as well as other main hubs in local areas, with 5 stars in an easy-to-understand manner.
Oztown is a new real estate partner for you.

Evaluation of prices for detached houses, condominiums and investment properties is displayed with 5 stars. OzTown is an adviser for those who want to buy real estate, offering the cheap and expensive prices of listed real estate to everyone at a glance. OzTown constantly posts more than 10,000 newest real estate properties in the Tokyo metropolitan area and around 15,000 properties nationwide, and updates accordingly. Also provide supports in English and Chinese. OzTown is an international real estate portal site that has never existed in Japan before, and provides you with only the real estate information you need now.
It is almost natural for major US real estate portals to quantify the price value of real estate and show it to applicants for real estate purchase. However, the Japanese real estate portal does not show any evaluation criteria for the value of the property only with the property information and sales price, and the judgment of the value must be made by the applicant of the real estate purchase, without any materials. This is very cruel to those who want to buy real estate. We believe it is our mission to alleviate such burdens, reduce all real estate purchase hurdles, and provide information that is easy to judge.
The five-star rating standard for real estate prices is uniquely determined by taking into consideration of historical data of the average number of square meters, unit price, year of construction, and other factors of single-family homes, condominiums, and single properties in prefectures.
The listed properties, regardless of whether they are detached houses, condominiums, new investment properties, or used properties, cover major metropolitan areas nationwide, centered on popular areas in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The property will be updated accordingly. A lot of up-to-date information on properties with high asset bank loans, such as within a 15-minute walk from the nearest station, is also posted. Come and find the perfect property for you in OzTown!

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If you register as a free member, you will be able to view information on properties that have not been released to the public, in principle.
If you take a closer look at Oztown, you will sometimes find the property with mark OzSelect.
If it's a property you like, you're lucky. OzTown offers a brokerage service for OzSelect properties regardless of price, with a real estate brokerage fee of JPY 300,000 (excluding tax).
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