About Buying Real Estate | 6 Considerations when Buying

For Those Considering to Buy Real Estate

Searching for Properties and Buyer Consultation

Needless to say, when considering a property, the most important thing is to first have a clear image that it will lead to the lifestyle you want.

Making a Financial Plan.

The first step in looking for a good residence or a profitable investment property starts with a financial plan. Currently, as interest rates continue to be low, it is easy to borrow money from financial institutions. It is good to starting talking with banks early on in the process. Specific loan conditions can differ greatly between financial institutions. Therefore, it is good to have a solid financing plan in place first to successfully realize your dream.

Searching for / Seeing Properties

People using Oztown are not only professional real estate agents but also individual property owners. The properties displayed on the site are there only their own properties. They have not been listed anywhere else. Therefore you may find many properties here that couldn’t be found otherwise.

Purchasing Procedures.

Please see the actual property first and decide if you feel it matches the asking price. If you want to make an offer, please fill out the ‘Real Estate Purchase Application Form’ with your decided purchase price and send the form to us. It means you are making a ‘reservation for order of priority purchase negotiations’. From here work on making a purchase contract begins.

The procedures move forward as follows:
(1) Submission of the real estate purchase application to the owner
(2) Preliminary examination for the housing loan
(3) Negotiations on terms of the price and the timing of the transfer of ownership
(4) After all the terms of the contract are fixed, explanations for finalizing the contract and important items are discussed
(5) Finally, the real estate purchasing contract is signed and a deposit payment is made

Mortgage application

If you are using a loan to make your purchase, we will send the ‘actual application’ to the financial institution you are using to get a loan.

In most cases, the loan review will go smoothly if you have been preapproved in a preliminary review. If our corporation is asked to make arrangements, it may be possible for us to negotiate on a preferential interest rate, reformation, or purchase costs, depending on the associated financial institution. Please feel free to inquire for more information.

Implementation of Contract and Transfer

At the same time of executing the loan and paying the remaining balance with the funds on hand, the ownership transfer registration procedure is done and the property is turned over. At that time, a final on-site confirmation of the property boundary and incidental facilities will also be carried out. If necessary, we can also make the arrangements for judicial scriveners, movers, etc.

The above is a simple explanation of the points. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.