Suggestions from OzTown

We propose evaluation criteria for real estate prices of detached houses and condominiums (Oz Value).

For example, a real estate portal site displayed the price of a condominium, but there was no standard for determining whether the value of the condominium was undervalued or overvalued.
For detached houses as well, the value of the land is easy to understand, but what should we think about the building evaluation?
In OzTown, past market transaction data such as exclusive area, price, age, land price, etc. are analyzed up to the municipal level, and the standard price is calculated.
By comparing it with the actual sale price, we quantified whether the property is expensive or cheap.
And only those properties that are cheaper than the standard price are introduced with a 5 Star mark so that anyone can understand.
The larger the plus number, the cheaper, and the larger the minus number, the more expensive.
By quantifying the value of real estate price, those who are looking for a detached house or condominium can find more bargain property even with the same floor plan, the same area and age.
If you are looking for a condominium for investment purposes, it will be easier to find a property whose asset value is likely to increase compared to the purchase price in the future.

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