Visualize real estate prices.

OzValue compares real estate prices to actual market prices and displays overpriced or undervalued in an easy-to-understand manner.

When we selected some properties that match the desired conditions, sometimes, we cannot make the final decision because we are not sure if the prices are appropriate or not. Do you have such experience?

Oztown will always offer you the best selection of properties in terms of pricing, from the latest carefully selected properties based on OzValue for FREE.

Oztown uses proprietary methods to analyze data from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and other public real estate associations. We calculate the standard base price of OzValue from those data and are checking the conditions of all the properties which are requested to post in Oztown by Real Estate Brokers. But we display those properties ONLY WHICH can get OzValue STARS.

Oztown ranks about the top 50% of properties that are rated as cheaper based on an OzValue standard with a Five-Star Scale. The remaining about 50% of properties, that did not get STARS will not be listed in Oztown as principle. By setting very strict conditions for listing property information, Oztown is the ONLY ONE REAL STATE PORTAL SIZE in Japan which EXCLUDE all properties with pricings which are more expensive than the average market transaction in the recent past (Standard Base of Oztown) .

Oztown is focuses on the Usability of od all individuals looking for Good Real Estate Properties.

We are NOT throwing RAW MARKET Data to our important users.

There is no other than Oztown, as a real estate portal site, that can visualize and provide the value of real estate in an easy-to-understand manner.