Terms of Use | Precautions on Use of OzTOWN

Terms of Service for the usage of Oztown website.

Please read carefully the following internal policy of our services guideline of the OZTOWN website. We understand you agree to the following articles when you submit Owner/Buyer form to OZTOWN or conduct any business with OZTOWN.

Exemption of responsibility

  1. We are not responsible for damages caused by system shutdown, delay, suspension, missing data, and fraud access to the data as a results of failure of communication lines or computers.
  2. We do not guarantee that no harmful substances such computer viruses are included in our electronic correspondence and website contents which are issued through web-page, server, domain, etc
  3. OZTOWN is not responsible for the information or advice we provide to clients.
  4. Pre-Marketing Matching Service will provide transaction opportunities for clients. All the transaction are done between buyers and sellers. OZTOWN is NOT a party to the transaction and has no responsibility of the results of the transaction. So in case issues arise, it should be directly solved between the sellers and buyers. After communication is established between the parties, OZTOWN takes no responsibility for the contents of the direct communications, details of the transaction between the sellers and buyers, and their private information. We do not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, concurrence and legality.

Prohibited Issues

We prohibited the following actions on our site

  1. Impair the right, profit and honor of OZTOWN, clients or a third party.
  2. Fraud such as providing false information, impersonating a person other than yourself, ordering not based on true intent.
  3. Contravention to the Law.
  4. Contravention to the internal policy of OZTOWN.

Privacy Policy

We,OZTOWN, will handle private information following the Personal Information Protection Law.

Transmitted Contents

We handle all contents which are sent to us through the usage of website as follows.

  1. Copyright of transmitted contents belongs to the clients. With the exception of instances when a statement includes copyrighted information of a third party, it's should be sold by the client's responsibility.
  2. OZTOWN can copy the transmitted contents freely, and use copyright in public transmission.
  3. This includes the capability to approve the re-use of the copyright requested by a third party. Clients cannot claim copyright infringement of this approval by us. This use is allowed without conditions, and we are not required to pay any costs, such as royalty, etc, except in the case it hurts the honor of the clients.

The site service

OZTOWN can make changes or erase any part of the site by our own decision.


Japanese laws should be applied in case any conflicts arise between the client and OZTOWN. Tokyo District Court should be the first exclusive agreement jurisdictional court.

Membership Rule

  1. Members should be the clients who agree to OZTOWN's internal Rule policy and complete the process without objections.
  2. Membership is free and members can enjoy services OZTOWN provides.
  3. Members cannot transmit the right to OZTOWN to a third party.
  4. Members need to inform us of any changes to their registered basic information immediately.
  5. Members who wish to terminate their membership must immediately notify us.
  6. For all others, they are to meet the internal policy for the usage of OZTOWN's website.

Established on January 10, 2017